Utah3D.Net Privacy Policy

No personally identifiable information of our website visitors or End Users is stored on the servers and systems of Utah3D.Net and its owners, Martin van Hemert Photography, Inc., with the following exception:

Users Of Our Email Update Service

Utah3D.Net provides an email update service to which visitors to our site can subscribe to.  This service is provided by a third party vendor, Feedblitz.  The information that Subscribers voluntarily provide when they subscribe to our email updates is stored on Feedblitz’s servers, and can be seen by the the owners of Utah3D.Net.  When we send email updates to subscribers, FeedBlitz embeds tracking pixels into the emails to track performance, such as who opened the emails and who clicked on the links within the emails. This information is shared with us at Utah3D.Net and is used to gauge the effectiveness of our emails. The tracking pixels may also track information such as IP address, browser type, or other similar details. FeedBlitz does not provide your email address to any third parties, and is a US based business with US based infrastructure.  Should you email us directly or reply to an email update from us, information contained in your email will of course be contained on our email server.  We will never provide these emails or email addresses to any third party at anytime or for any reason. For more detailed privacy information regarding Feedblitz visit here and here.

For All Site Visitors

Utah3D.Net additionally utilizes the following third party services: 1.  Google Ads and Google Analytics, and 2. AddThis which is operated by Oracle.

Google Ads and Google Analytics uses cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as Utah3D.Net. When End Users visit a Google partner’s website, a cookie may be dropped on that End User’s browser.  Google’s use of advertising cookies enables it to serve ads based on user’s visits to our website and other internet websites.  Users may opt out of personalized advertising by changing settings in their web browsers.  For more information see Google Privacy and Terms.

AddThis receives AddThis Data via Cookies and Pixels. “Cookies” are small text files that contain a string of characters and uniquely identify a browser. “Pixels” are small strings of code that provide a method for delivering a graphic image on a webpage or other document. Pixels allow the operator of a webpage or other document, or a third party who serves the Pixel, to set, read, and modify Cookies on, and to transfer other data to, the browser used to view the webpage or other document. Cookies and Pixels allow the AddThis Tools and AddThis Toolbar to receive AddThis Data. When an End User uses the AddThis Tools on a Publisher Site to share information and content the Publisher makes available on the Publisher Site (“Publisher Content”), the End User is redirected through the AddThis Site before the End User is directed to their destination website where they want to publish or share the Publisher Content (e.g., to share Publisher Content to a social media site such as Facebook). For more information see the AddThis Privacy Policy.

When you visit any page at Utah3D.Net, our server, like almost all Internet servers, logs information which may include timestamps, your device’s IP address (as it appears to our server), and the page(s) you visit.  This information contains no personally identifiable data.

Utah3D.Net is a website created by Martin van Hemert and is an asset of Martin van Hemert Photography, Inc.