Horseshoe Bend

The Colorado River makes many twists and turns. This particular meander is a few miles south of the Utah Border, and north of its entrance to the Grand Canyon:


The river lies some 1000 ft. below this overlook, which is an easy hike from the roadway.  It’s always an interesting experience to visit these sites and stay until it’s dark, but make sure to stay away from the edge!

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Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point, near Moab, Utah is a much photographed vista.  Perry Van Schelt, responsible for much of the behind the scenes workings here at Utah3D.Net, shot this panorama of the location:

Visitors to this site often raise the question of how Dead Horse Point got its name.  There are a few variations of a story commonly related that tell of a herd of corralled horses which died of thirst here in the 1800s. However, a longtime resident of Moab explains that the name comes from a rock formation, visible from the point, that looks like a dead horse.  In this panorama it is visible in the small section of white rock just to the left of the Colorado River. For help finding the formation, and a more detailed explanation, see the link at the very bottom of the panorama page.

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