Arches National Park at Night

A view of rock towers against the night sky in Arches National Park:



Walking among these dark shapes looming against a starry backdrop is well worth the effort of visiting at what some might consider an odd time of day.  The 2 meteors in this panorama were a happy accident which I was unaware of while I kept my eye on the camera for each exposure to end.

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Old Growth Redwoods

Rockefeller Forest in Humboldt County, California, is the largest remaining old growth redwood forest in the world:




This is a forest left in its natural state as much as possible, so fallen giants are plentiful.  The redwoods in these forests are coastal redwoods, which grow taller than giant sequoias but not as wide, and are found along the coastal fog belt of California and into Oregon.  With an average lifespan of 500-700 years, these trees can live to 2000 years.

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Martin van Hemert

Night Sky and Desert Sage

A view of the night sky from somewhere in the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument:



The famous photographer Ansel Adams used an analogy from music when he said that in photography, the negative was the score, and the print the performance.  This panorama has been available on our website for some 3 years, but recently I felt it was time for a better “performance”, so I’ve taken the original images files and completely reworked them.  Hopefully I went in the right direction!



A Non Utah Panorama!

It may be hard to believe, but the invisible force-field which apparently keeps me in Utah shooting panoramas seems to have experienced a power failure, and this is the result:



Years ago I was lucky enough to marry a girl from Northern California’s redwood country, and have been visiting these woods ever since.  I’ve ended up with a small collection of panoramas from these forests which I’ll be sharing in the coming months.  We’re setting up a separate website to house outside-of-Utah panoramas, so you will notice some 360s under the URL

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