California Redwoods

I like the snow… but after a while enough is enough, so here’s a little break (even for those that don’t need it):



We’ve featured panoramas from this area of California before, and we probably will again, as I can never get enough of it!

On a separate note, some of you may have noticed our panoramas were not displaying correctly (as in not at all) for about a day last week.  The software glitch is now fixed!

I hope you enjoy this latest addition; please share if you do!



Earth and Sky

Over the holidays I had a chance to work on  a composite image that has been in my mind’s eye for a while:



Details about these panoramas can be found in the text below the image.

Have a Great New Year!


Merry Christmas

Each Christmas Season, Temple Square in Salt Lake City is decked with LED lights:



Perry Van Schelt and I would like to thank each of you who subscribe to these emails. In the past six years this website has seen more visitors than we could have every imagined, thanks in large part to you.  We hope you have a good Christmas and a joyful New Year.


For those of you who celebrate the birth of our Savior at this time of year, we hope you’ll enjoy this short video:

Merry Christmas,

Martin van Hemert

Lake Blanche at Night

Big Cottonwood Canyon is home to Brighton and Solitude ski resorts.  At the lower end of this canyon, Lake Blanche is a popular hiking destination:



This seemingly remote location is actually quite close to Salt Lake City, and the city lights provided significant illumination for this night scene.

Have a Good Thanksgiving!