Bryce Canyon by Moonlight

Bryce Canyon in Utah is actually more of a giant amphitheater.  This view, by moonlight, gives a glimpse of its fanciful formations:



Peeking through the clouds one can find the Big Dipper, Orion, and a partial lunar halo.

Thanks for viewing, more Bryce Canyon to come!


Kanarra Creek

Kanarra Creek, above the town of Kanarraville in Utah, is a pleasant hike which leads to a cool waterfall once the canyon narrows up:



A few of you have already seen this panorama, but since it is somewhat hidden in the home page I thought I would write separately about it.  This creek is the main water supply for  the small town of Kanarraville, so please help keep it clean if you visit, use the paid parking spot in town, and ask Fido to sit this one out at home.

Thanks for viewing!


New Site Design!

We’ve been hard at work for the past few months redesigning the website, and the results are now up!



Perry Van Schelt, who is the artistic compass behind Utah3D.Net, has taken the poor design I came up with several years ago, thrown it in the garbage, and created a site/sight for sore eyes.  Panorama links are now grouped by area or subject matter.  You’ll find a page for each National Park in Utah, except Bryce Canyon, which has thwarted me each visit, but has promised to be cooperative this year….

There’s also a new panorama, Kanarra Creek, which you’ll find on the home page.

Please enjoy!

Martin van Hemert


The Winter Milky Way

In winter there is a lot of, well…… dark.  In the sparsely populated western regions of Utah this dark is well preserved:


This panorama contains several interesting sky features which are detailed in the text beneath the panorama.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thank You!