A Non Utah Panorama!

It may be hard to believe, but the invisible force-field which apparently keeps me in Utah shooting panoramas seems to have experienced a power failure, and this is the result:



Years ago I was lucky enough to marry a girl from Northern California’s redwood country, and have been visiting these woods ever since.  I’ve ended up with a small collection of panoramas from these forests which I’ll be sharing in the coming months.  We’re setting up a separate website to house outside-of-Utah panoramas, so you will notice some 360s under the URL radialview.com.

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Albion Basin and Devil’s Castle

The last of the summer wild flowers in Albion Basin, above Alta, Utah:


Devil’s Castle is the rugged mountain behind you in the opening view in this panorama.

Thanks for viewing!



Alien Mud Circles

Utah’s answer to crop circles.

Well…..  just kidding of course.   The Sevier Lake in Utah’s western desert region is usually just a mud flat. You wouldn’t want to swim here even if you could, but its dark skies offer a great view of the night sky:



Signs here advise against driving on the lake bed, and tire tracks in this panorama attest to the varying rates of success some have had.  I walked, and left the footprints you see on the soft surface.

Happy Trails!



Albion Basin Wildflowers

Late July brings the higher elevation wildflowers out in full force (at least in the Northern Hemisphere):


This is a panorama that we featured a few years ago.  I’ve gone back to the original files, reworked everything, put it back in the oven, and stitched a panorama with much improved image quality.  I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Great Day!