Albion Basin Wildflowers

Late July brings the higher elevation wildflowers out in full force (at least in the Northern Hemisphere):


This is a panorama that we featured a few years ago.  I’ve gone back to the original files, reworked everything, put it back in the oven, and stitched a panorama with much improved image quality.  I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Great Day!


The Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon

Occasionally, everything comes together to create the perfect moment.  That was my experience in making this panorama, and I hope it has the same effect for you:



In early summer the Milky Way is low in the eastern sky at nightfall, and is seen here from a point along the Fairyland Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park.  The otherwise dark (at night) rock formations are illuminated here courtesy of some lights I brought along.

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Zion National Park Boulders

A boulder strewn section of canyon along the trail to The Subway in Zion National Park:



I’m glad I wasn’t around when any of these fell here, although it would be quite an experience to view from a safe vantage point!

Thank you for viewing!  I hope you are all enjoying a good summer (Northern Hemisphere) or winter (Southern Hemisphere).  You folks at the equator…… well, whatever.

Martin van Hemert


Star Trails Over The Bonneville Salt Flats

This panorama began as a test of exposure times and equipment. It represents about 45 minutes of star rotation.  For the longest time I’ve hesitated to share it because I wasn’t actually sure if I liked it, or if it just gave me a headache!


I hope it provides some interest, and doesn’t increase your aspirin bill :)

As always, thank you so much for viewing and sharing these!