Panorama Workshop

Hi All,
We will be holding our first 360° panorama workshop in November…… but first it’s time for a new panorama:



Over the past years many of you have emailed with questions about creating 360° panoramas, and I’ve often felt the answers I’ve given have been less than adequate, as there are several steps in the process, and it’s hard to give a complete description in an email without my fingers falling off. So we are pleased to announce a two day workshop on panoramas coming this November.  You can learn about the event at the link below.


360 Degree Panorama Workshop


As this is our first foray into workshops, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the event, regardless of whether or not you are considering attending.  Please drop me a line!


Alien Mud Circles

Utah’s answer to crop circles.

Well…..  just kidding of course.   The Sevier Lake in Utah’s western desert region is usually just a mud flat. You wouldn’t want to swim here even if you could, but its dark skies offer a great view of the night sky:



Signs here advise against driving on the lake bed, and tire tracks in this panorama attest to the varying rates of success some have had.  I walked, and left the footprints you see on the soft surface.

Happy Trails!



Albion Basin Wildflowers

Late July brings the higher elevation wildflowers out in full force (at least in the Northern Hemisphere):


This is a panorama that we featured a few years ago.  I’ve gone back to the original files, reworked everything, put it back in the oven, and stitched a panorama with much improved image quality.  I hope you enjoy it.

Have a Great Day!


The Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon

Occasionally, everything comes together to create the perfect moment.  That was my experience in making this panorama, and I hope it has the same effect for you:



In early summer the Milky Way is low in the eastern sky at nightfall, and is seen here from a point along the Fairyland Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park.  The otherwise dark (at night) rock formations are illuminated here courtesy of some lights I brought along.

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