Great Salt Lake and Venus

The planet Venus shines on the waters of the Great Salt Lake in this nighttime panorama:



You’ll see some odd circular formations on the ground in this scene.  For an explanation of these see the text and link at the bottom of the panorama.

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White Pocket

Twisted rock in the White Pocket formation in Arizona:


White Pocket is located in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.  It’s somewhat difficult to reach due to long stretches of roads with deep sand.  This formation is south east of it’s more famous cousin, The Wave.

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Paria Toadstools

These toadstools in the Paria Rimrock area in Southern Utah are of the variety that are viewed rather than eaten!



If you are in the region, this spot makes for an easy hike.

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Silver Island Mountains

The Silver Island Mountains, just north of the Bonneville Salt Flats, at night (well, almost night):




The opening view of this panorama features a bright band of light which extends up and intersects the Milky Way. This is the Zodiacal Light, which is not the porch light of a palm reader, but illuminated dust and debris in our solar system which is concentrated along the same plane as the planets orbiting our sun.  A link below the panorama tells more about this phenomenon.

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