Desert Stars

Traveling west from the town of Delta, Utah one will find……. well, not much, which makes it perfect for a clear view of the night sky:

This view is from the (almost) dry lake bed of Sevier Lake, one of those spots that can be rather eerie at night.



Starry Lake

Every once in a while everything comes together to create the perfect moment:



High in the Uinta Mountains, the still waters of alpine lakes make the perfect window to the sky. This lake is Teapot Lake, but it could just as well have been any one of numerous lakes in the Uintas. I hope you’ll take a moment to view up to the sky of course, but down to the water below as well.

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Martin van Hemert

Kahana Bay

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Utah anymore……..”


I recently visited Hawaii for a photo project, and had just enough time to squeeze in a panorama that I thought would be an interesting contrast to my last panorama of the Great Salt Lake. For more about where and what this is go to the text at the bottom of the panorama.

Martin van Hemert

White Rock Bay

Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake is the setting for this panorama:



Antelope Island is really a unique spot, a desert island on a desert lake.  It has herds of  buffalo, and seagulls, an interesting combination!  This was my second “shot” at getting to this point for a panorama.  The first trip was cut short by lightening directly over the island, but it taught me I should bring plenty of mosquito repellent AND one of those funny bug-net hats to guard against gnats that pay no heed to bug repellant.  The text below the panorama tells more about this lake.

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