Zion National Park Boulders

A boulder strewn section of canyon along the trail to The Subway in Zion National Park:



I’m glad I wasn’t around when any of these fell here, although it would be quite an experience to view from a safe vantage point!

Thank you for viewing!  I hope you are all enjoying a good summer (Northern Hemisphere) or winter (Southern Hemisphere).  You folks at the equator…… well, whatever.

Martin van Hemert


Russell Gulch-Zion National Park

A few weeks ago we featured a panorama of The Subway in Zion National Park.  Today’s panorama is near the upper end of the hike (top down) where the trail passes Russell Gulch:


On a separate note, as we have tested various internet browsers we’re finding that our panoramas display exceptionally well in Google Chrome.  If  Chrome is available on your system, we hope you’ll give it a try.  For iPad/iPhone users, no need to worry, Safari on mobile devices works just fine!

Thanks for viewing!


Orderville Canyon

Orderville Canyon in Zion National Park is a side canyon which connects to the Zion Narrows, featured in our previous panorama.  These narrowest sections along The Narrows hike are what really make it worth going to a little bit of effort to get here:

My wife Karla has always felt these Southern Utah Canyons make one feel as though they were in a cathedral, and this was certainly the case here.  If you’re prone to claustrophobia, the sheer beauty of this place is a sure cure!

Thanks so much!