Musselman Arch

Near Moab, Utah, a couple of miles off of the Shafer Trail, Musselman Arch can be found.  It’s an interesting arch, unlike many of the more popular arches in the area.  It has a span of about 36 meters (120 feet), and can easily be walked across.  Now, maybe it’s because I had an engineer father, or a fear of heights, but when I look at something like this, I find myself wondering  “when is this thing going to collapse?”   But I none the less threw caution to the wind (luckily it was calm though) and crossed anyway:

360 Panorama - Musselman ArchAll The Best,


Narrow Places and Open Spaces

The rocky landscape of Southern Utah contains many slot canyons, from generously wide to claustrophobically narrow.  This slot canyon, along the White Rim Trail and near the Green River, is a favorite spot for mountain bikers to cool off in.

Back “above ground”, and just a little ways north, the trail offers this view of the Green River:

It looks brown to me, and I thought I was going color blind, but Wikipedia tells me it actually carries more silt than the Colorado River.

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View from White Crack

During this coldest, snowiest (I checked, it’s a real word) part of winter here in Utah, I thought I would finish stitching up some panoramas of Canyonlands National Park.  This view is of the Lower Basins, and was shot near the White Crack Campsite along the White Rim:

The above vantage point is about 3 miles (4.8 km) south and 1200 feet (365 m) lower than this previously posted panorama:

Grand View Point in Canyonlands.
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Martin van Hemert

Along the White Rim Trail – Canyonlands

Below the Island In The Sky district in Canyonlands National Park is the White Rim Trail, a two day off-road loop.  This panorama is near the White Crack Campsite:

Along the White Rim Trail

While sandstone is a extensive component of the earth’s crust, much of it is below the surface.   Southern Utah and the surrounding states feature one of the largest areas of exposed sandstone in the world.