Starry Lake

Every once in a while everything comes together to create the perfect moment:



High in the Uinta Mountains, the still waters of alpine lakes make the perfect window to the sky. This lake is Teapot Lake, but it could just as well have been any one of numerous lakes in the Uintas. I hope you’ll take a moment to view up to the sky of course, but down to the water below as well.

Thank you so much to all of you who subscribe and share these panoramas.

Have a Great Day!

Martin van Hemert

Night Sky Above the Salt Flats

Back in September, we featured a panorama of the salt flats in Utah’s West Desert.  The panorama below was created in exactly the same spot, but an hour later:



Sometimes one hour can make all the difference!  The green glow along the horizon is not from any aurora (which I still have never seen!), but from distant city lights.  From the opening view, if one rotates  left to the orange glow on the horizon and then looks up a ways, the Andromeda Galaxy can be seen as a very small horizontal smudge below the Milky Way.

Thank You!



A Winter Night’s Sky

At this time of year, I find a renewed fascination with things celestial, and  I hope you find this Christmas offering to be more than dots in the sky and sage on the ground.  I very much appreciate all of you who subscribe to these mailings and take a moment out your busy days to view these panoramas.  I enjoy receiving your posts and emails, and try to answer them all  (I’m sure I miss some).

Utah has many great areas from which to view the night sky.  This panorama was made between Kanab and Lake Powell.  The  opened panorama text will contain a link to a second panorama with constellations labeled:

Winter Night

Whatever holiday you might observe, I hope for you the very best.

Merry Christmas,