Kanarra Creek

Kanarra Creek, above the town of Kanarraville in Utah, is a pleasant hike which leads to a cool waterfall once the canyon narrows up:



A few of you have already seen this panorama, but since it is somewhat hidden in the home page I thought I would write separately about it.  This creek is the main water supply for  the small town of Kanarraville, so please help keep it clean if you visit, use the paid parking spot in town, and ask Fido to sit this one out at home.

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Narrow Places and Open Spaces

The rocky landscape of Southern Utah contains many slot canyons, from generously wide to claustrophobically narrow.  This slot canyon, along the White Rim Trail and near the Green River, is a favorite spot for mountain bikers to cool off in.

Back “above ground”, and just a little ways north, the trail offers this view of the Green River:

It looks brown to me, and I thought I was going color blind, but Wikipedia tells me it actually carries more silt than the Colorado River.

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