Payson Canyon

While making some updates to the Utah3D.Net website, I spent some time viewing an older panorama which has been a favorite of mine and many others, and realized it was time for a facelift.  This scene is in Payson Canyon, along the Nebo Loop Road, in an area called Maple Bench.  I’ve reworked it using the original source files and come up with what I feel is an improved image (maybe when I first made it I was in a bad mood?…)

Payson Canyon, Utah
Hope you enjoy it!


Nebo Loop Road

I’ve previously featured panoramas taken in Payson Canyon, and now with one more, some of you may start thinking I need to get out more, and take a real vacation or something like that.  I like to think however, that shooting some things close to home gives the advantage of going back (and back, and back…) until conditions are just right:
Nebo Loop Road
This grove is next to Maple Lake, along the Nebo Loop Road which runs from Payson to the Nephi area.

P.S.  Oct 7, 2010 – I’ve just reworked this image, as what I had posted earlier was a little over the top saturation wise.  You may want to refresh your browser if you’ve viewed this before. – Martin van Hemert

Grotto Falls

Along the Nebo Loop Road in Payson Canyon, Utah, lies a great little water fall which is popular among the locals and very easy to get to:

After 5 visits to this spot to get it right, I’ve gotten some exercise, realized that a waterfall doesn’t need to be big to be good looking, and learned that I can screw-up a shot more often than I thought possible.

If you happen to show up without battery packs and lights (but doesn’t everyone carry these?), it looks more like this:

Grotto Falls Panorama Link
If you have a favorite out of these, I would enjoy reading your comments!

Martin van Hemert