The name Owachomo here refers not to a sneeze, but to one of three bridges in Natural Bridges National Monument, and is a Native American term.   This is the most slender of the bridges in this park, and is just 9 feet (3 m) thick at its narrowest point:

Owachomo Bridge


I appreciate all you readers/viewers who keep me on my toes.  My last post had the name of another bridge entirely wrong (Thanks Luen)!

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Kachina Bridge

Kachina Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument is not easily visible from the roadway that loops through the area.  A hike to the canyon bottom reveals its massive structure:

Sipapu Bridge

As can be seen from this panorama, it’s a great spot for a picnic during a thunderstorm or an earthquake.  This National Monument is well known for its very dark night skies, which in itself is worth the visit.

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