Virgin River

The North Fork of the Virgin River runs through the heart of Zion National Park, Zion Canyon, a wide canyon some 2000 ft (600m) deep.  Further upstream, the river flows through “The Narrows”, and a trek through this portion makes one realize the real potential for trouble if a flash flood were to occur:

This panorama was shot last February but I’ve only now stitched it together. I’ve had recent minor  knee surgery, and I thought this might be more appreciated than a panorama of my backyard!!

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Zion Narrows

Ranked by National Geographic as on of the world’s best hikes, the Zion Narrows is awe inspiring.  Towering sandstone cliffs enclose the Virgin River which in many spots extends from wall to wall.  This panorama features one of the wider and more open sections:

A popular hike in warmer months, I visited the lower portion in early February, and encountered no other hikers that day.  The waters in February are quite cold, and the trek requires hiking through water which is fairly deep at points, but the very helpful staff members at  Zion Adventure Company outfitted me with a dry suit, and dry bags to keep my gear dry, making the trip possible for a klutz like me who falls occasionally.

Those of you with iPads, please take this for a “spin” on your device and let me know if you encounter problems.

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