Horseshoe Gallery

Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands National Park contains well preserved examples of Barrier Canyon Style Native American art.  The Horseshoe Gallery is one of several panels to be found:

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Horseshoe Canyon Pictographs

Horseshoe Canyon is located in a small, detached section of Canyonlands National Park.  This somewhat remote canyon is home to some fine and well preserved examples of Native American rock art.   The Great Gallery has always held some mystery for me, first because the armless and often eyeless figures are an enigma in themselves, and second, because there seems to be great debate as to their age.  I thought it appropriate to enhance the feeling of mystery by shooting at dusk and illuminating  the figures with some lights I had brought along:

The Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon

As to the time period these may have been created, the best information I have been able to find places this somewhere between 1900-1400 B.C. and possibly as late as 300 A.D.  There is debate regarding these dates however.

This panorama has been rendered to provide a relatively high degree of zoom.  The scroll wheel of your mouse will allow you to zoom in on the rock art for closer examination.

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