White Rock Bay

Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake is the setting for this panorama:



Antelope Island is really a unique spot, a desert island on a desert lake.  It has herds of  buffalo, and seagulls, an interesting combination!  This was my second “shot” at getting to this point for a panorama.  The first trip was cut short by lightening directly over the island, but it taught me I should bring plenty of mosquito repellent AND one of those funny bug-net hats to guard against gnats that pay no heed to bug repellant.  The text below the panorama tells more about this lake.

Thank You!


Great Salt Lake Dusk

A remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake is Utah’s answer to the Dead Sea.  It is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world.  Tourists tend to be fascinated with it, more so than many of the locals.  This view was shot from shores of Antelope Island, a large island mostly hidden in this view:

I could rattle on about it, but I’ll let the panorama speak for itself.

All The Best,

Martin van Hemert

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