Albion Basin

Earlier this year I had placed Albion Basin on my list of spots to photograph but since then had completely forgotten about it until  Barbara H. mentioned it on our Facebook page.  I took an opportunity to go there a few days ago and captured this on my hike up:

Albion Basin Storm
As I continued up the trail and rounded a large rock outcrop I was greeted (startled actually) by a large moose barely 50 ft away.  We both froze.  I briefly contemplated a career as some sort of wildlife panoramic photographer, but seeing this creature 10 times my weight, the career seemed quite short, and I eased my way back behind the rock.  With the path forward blocked, I hiked back down, and as I reached the point of the first image the sky had cleared very nicely, and the result was this:

Albion Basin above Alta, Utah

Enjoy!   –  Martin van Hemert