Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Formerly the Hotel Utah, this building, completed in 1911, was renovated and reopened in 1993 as a multipurpose facility.  It houses a genealogical research center, restaurants, and meeting and reception rooms.

The tall columns feature a scagliola finish, which typically incorporates marble dust and plaster, and is honed to give the appearance of marble.

The art glass ceiling was periodically covered or blacked out during WWII.

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building  is located just east of  Temple Square in Salt Lake City.


Aspen Grove, above Sundance

Above Sundance Resort, along the Alpine Loop Road, Aspen Grove is the starting point for a popular hiking trail to Mount Timpanogos, which, at 11,750 feet, is the second highest peak in the Wasatch Range.Aspen Grove, above Sundance Resort.

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I hope to visit here again in the summer or fall, but, it’s February……… stay tuned.



Whenever my wife and I  visit  the redwood groves of Northern California, or the rock canyons of Southern Utah, she  comments on the experience being similar to visiting a cathedral.  These two recent panoramas remind me of those experiences.  The first image is of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Salt Lake.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Salt Lake.

The following “cathedral” is a small grove of pines above the Sundance Resort in Northern Utah.

Alpine Loop above Sundance Resort.

Cathedrals have a way of lifting our vision, literally and figuratively.

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