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Spherical panoramas are the perfect way to show-off your place, and can make a good website spectacular. Download times are shorter than video, and many visitors prefer to be in control of what they see. Martin can create spherical panoramas to suit your needs.


Please contact us.  We would love to discuss your project with you.

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MARTIN VAN HEMERT is a photographer based in Utah. He is actively involved in architectural and fine art photography. Martin has spent a lifetime creating and massaging photographic images.  As a custom printer of photographic images, he has worked in both chemical and electronic/digital mediums extensively.  As a photographer, he worked with large format films before the advent of digital imaging. His current obsession is 360° panoramas.


Born to a family of Dutch immigrants, he studied music at the University of Utah, following which he made the logical choice of a career in photography. Martin and his wife are the parents of three grown children and 2 un-grown grandchildren, and live in rural Utah County with a small herd of horses. Their rodent control staff boasts 7 members.


Martin van Hemert Photography, Inc.

Email: martin at vanhemert dot com

PERRY VAN SCHELT has been an active illustrator and designer for over 30 years.  Inspired by the airbrush illustration movement in the early 80’s, he left Pelican Productions in 1984 and began freelance airbrush illustration.  He was represented in Los Angeles by Hall and Associates and for the next 12 years worked on a range of projects for local, national and international ad agencies.


With the advent of computers, Perry began offering illustration and design services directly to corporate clients.  Perry and Martin have collaborated on a multitude of projects since 1984, and are currently collaborating on 360° panoramic photography.  Perry is the artistic compass for Utah3D.Net, their joint venture for the past 5 years.



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