Horseshoe Bend

The Colorado River makes many twists and turns. This particular meander is a few miles south of the Utah Border, and north of its entrance to the Grand Canyon:


The river lies some 1000 ft. below this overlook, which is an easy hike from the roadway.  It’s always an interesting experience to visit these sites and stay until it’s dark, but make sure to stay away from the edge!

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Silver Island Mountains

The Silver Island Mountains, just north of the Bonneville Salt Flats, at night (well, almost night):




The opening view of this panorama features a bright band of light which extends up and intersects the Milky Way. This is the Zodiacal Light, which is not the porch light of a palm reader, but illuminated dust and debris in our solar system which is concentrated along the same plane as the planets orbiting our sun.  A link below the panorama tells more about this phenomenon.

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Arches National Park at Night

A view of rock towers against the night sky in Arches National Park:



Walking among these dark shapes looming against a starry backdrop is well worth the effort of visiting at what some might consider an odd time of day.  The 2 meteors in this panorama were a happy accident which I was unaware of while I kept my eye on the camera for each exposure to end.

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