Arches National Park at Night

A view of rock towers against the night sky in Arches National Park:



Walking among these dark shapes looming against a starry backdrop is well worth the effort of visiting at what some might consider an odd time of day.  The 2 meteors in this panorama were a happy accident which I was unaware of while I kept my eye on the camera for each exposure to end.

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Arches at Twilight

Early evening can be a time when all elements come into perfect harmony.  Moonlight, twilight, starlight, and distant city lights can combine in a perfect moment:


The sky in this view provides many visual treats such as star clusters, jet contrails, and a couple of satellites.  The long camera exposure has made the first quarter moon (half illuminated) appear as a round beacon in the sky.  See the panorama footnotes for more information.

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Delicate Arch

An iconic Utah landmark:




Along the trails in Arches National Park, one hears a variety of languages spoken.  It’s a popular place.  All those visitors need pictures of themselves at the park, and I’ve found a new calling in life ……… taking pictures of tourists using their own cameras.  Once I figured out which way to point the phones and where to click, they started to look pretty good.  It’s a great way to meet new people.